Echoes of History 2021 postponement Questions and Answers

A: Towards the end of 2020, it was still unclear how the impact of the current Coronavirus pandemic would affect our abilities to hold the event - based on all advice we had available at that time, we were led to believe that the current restrictions on movement would have been lifted by the time August arrives. This is now uncertain , with many other events already cancelling. We felt that we should decide early on, and this was made more urgent by a request of a commitment by our landlord.

The trustees and the show team are devastated that they are unable to stage Echoes of History, however all the Trustees have both the safety and wellbeing of attendees foremost in their thoughts and were unable to find a mechanism where the event could be safely run without jeopardising our finances and attendees safety
A: Each event must look at their own risk assessments and event management plan to work out the impact to the public, traders, exhibitors, marshals, and the organisers.

There are many factors that influence, this - our events team and trustees have had many years of running events, and took their decisions about our event also based on advice from our insurers, the local authority, the Charity Commission, current government advice and regulations, the NCVO, and feedback from Essex HMVA members. We are sure all events are taking some or all of these factors into account.

A: Like many charities in the UK, the Impact of Covid19 has proved to be vexing. Grants currently available are being focused on Covid19 support charities, so we are unable to access funding to replace what income we lost as a result of being unable to fundraise.

As a small charity, all the members are unpaid and give up their free time to run the charity and the show, as such this helps keep our costs low - our main loss will be printing costs. The Essex HMVA remains financially sound, as is a requirement of the Charity Commission.

The best way you can support the Essex HMVA for now, is to join up as a member or donate via our website - or simply coming along to the 2022 show and help in supporting it by telling others about the event and getting the word out.
A: Please get in contact with Glen who will organise any refunds of monies we have collected. As a responsible charity, any money taken was held in a separate account to assure we could offer refunds if this was required.
A: We will communicate about future events such as the 2022 show once we are in a position to do so, any classic car owners who have bought exhibitor wrist bands please get in touch.

If you are a Living history Group, you will be contacted by either Alan or Luke once we know details regarding the 2022 event.
A:We remain hopeful that events towards the end of the year may be safe to hold. In the meantime, we are planning some public online events available for free through our YouTube Channel as well as the Essex HMVA website and a number of online events specifically for Essex HMVA members only.

Please keep an eye on our social media and websites for further details.
A: The Echoes of History Show is the main fundraising event for the Essex HMVA. We are a charity, the charity is 100% staffed by unpaid volunteers who put together a number of events throughout the year including the Winter Gathering, Maldon Armed Forces Day and this event. Many of our events are free, so we rely on this event as our main source of income.

The charity was formed 7 years ago to continue what many of the team were already doing for other organisations but in a more focused way. We have members not just in Essex, but from all over the UK as well as Europe. Our members have a broad range of interests, with some who are interested in vehicles, while others are more focused towards military history or artifact collecting. Being so diverse has contributed to our ability to continue to grow.

We always welcome new members who wish to support us and many contribute to this even further by sharing their experiences in military service.

We have a free programme of visiting schools, and other clubs, Army reserves, WI’s and groups giving talks, lectures or “see and talk” events, which we expect to return to once the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so. If you have a group or a club who may be interested in learning more, please get in touch.

We want to thank everyone for their support, especially through these difficult times. We have been so lucky through the years to have an incredibly loyal following and could not continue to do what we do without your support.

We sincerely hope that everyone continues to remain healthy and safe and we look forward to welcoming you to Echoes of History 2021.