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Up to 4 Children may enter free accompanied by either
an Adult or Concession ticket holder


Child Tickets

Children are considered to be from 5 to 15 years of age, under 5's enter for free.


Are available to those over 65 years of age.

Disabled Visitors

Disabled visitors may enter the show for free, in addition, one carer may enter with you at the same time and may be entitled to pay the concessional rate.

Please note: This event is situated over a wide area in a series of fields, it's mainly on grass and every effort is made to keep it as suitable as possible to allow mobility vehicles to use the site, but the event may be unsuitable for those who have mobility issues.

Please remember to bring appropriate proof of entitlement (such as a GP's letter, Disability Living Allowance Letter, Association Membership details, Council run membership or any other document that states your disability).

Veterans and Serving members of HM Forces

If you are over 65, admittance is free, otherwise entrance is at the concessional rate.

Please note: these prices are only available on the gate and only provided you are wearing your MOD issued veterans badge or serving members of HM Forces (show their MOD ID). Please do remember to bring the appropriate documentation.

Veteran Groups

Please contact us for more information.

Membership Cards

Only Essex HMVA membership cards allow free entry to the show, you will need to show your card (or letter where appropriate) to gain entry, only one entry per card is permitted, you must have been a member of the Essex HMVA for at least one month before the show opens in order to gain free access to the show.

Please be aware:

We are pleased to say that we can accept either credit or debit cards at the gate, please bear in mind that it is cheaper to purchase a ticket in advance above.

The ticket gate staff have the final say in entrance rules and pricing.

At Echoes of History, you will see uniforms, equipment and symbols from all nations depicting the wartime period between 1939 and 1950 that may be on display for the purposes of battle reenactment and/or educational reasons.

Any persons that are likely to be offended by the display of such uniforms, equipment and symbols are respectfully requested not to book tickets for this living history event

The Echoes of History show is a strictly non-political, multi-period living history show, and does not tolerate extremeist views of any kind.

We want to run an enjoyable and safe show. Your co-operation is vital to the success of this. We ask that you behave at all times in a polite and reasonable manner. Please remember, our staff are volunteers and abusive or threatening behavior will not be tolerated and could result in you being asked to leave the show by our security staff.